A Midsummer Night’s Darcy

Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy’s first weeks of married life together were bliss… long winter evenings, candlelight and silk sheets, and all the time in the world to explore each other’s desires together.

Six months later, the reality of running one of the largest estates in England has set in. Elizabeth and Darcy quickly found themselves pulled into the busy life of master and mistress of Pemberley - fixing roofs, resolving tenants’ disputes, helping with the planting, and keeping the household running. More than ever, Elizabeth admires Mr. Darcy’s character and his care for his tenants, “the best landlord, and the best master that ever lived”... but where has the newly-wed magic gone?

But Midsummer is near… and the Summer’s Eve Festival at Pemberley has its own special kind of magic. Longing for each other, Elizabeth and Darcy will surrender to the night and let the midsummer magic carry them back together, rediscovering the feeling of their wedding night and affirming the true love between them.

This steamy Pride and Prejudice one-hour read contains intimate scenes between a married couple.