Matchmaking leads to mischief at Rosings Park

While Lizzy is at Hunsford to visit Charlotte, she becomes good friends with Anne de Bourgh. Anne reveals a shocking secret collection of tawdry romance novels, and the women soon form their own book society.

The merriment is interrupted by the arrival of Mr. Darcy and his cousin, Richard. Lizzy realizes Anne has a tendre for the dashing colonel, and Anne seems to think Lizzy is in love with Mr. Darcy. How perfectly preposterous. Mr. Darcy maintains his distrust of Jane’s feelings and believes Lizzy is pursuing the colonel. He is determined to thwart that, of course.

Amid mischief and matchmaking from all sides, will there be a triple wedding in the future, or are Lizzy and Fitzwilliam too stubborn to admit their feelings and take steps toward a happy future?

While Abbey sometimes writes sweet JAFF, this is strictly SENSUAL.